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[We acknowledge you by screaming]: Belle.
[Tell us about yourself]: I used to live in Frederick Maryland, but am now somehow stuck in the midst of a bunch of hicks otherwise knoen as.."Rednecks". I am a tenth grader at the local public school, and I date a boy named Shane who goes to an All-Boy's Military school. My friends call be Belle because my body is very little, and my hips are very big. 0.o And I recently got my hair dyed blonde, so the picture I am going to post isn't that recent. I have two brothers and a sister. My sister lives in Maryland and my older brother is 24 and just now gettting and apartment of his own. I am sisteen, by the way. I am turning seventeen in August. <33
[Your obsession(s) and Why your obsessed]: Tinkerbell. Because we are so much alike. Jack Off Jill. Underground bands. Because I am a sucker for bands nobody has ever heard of. I adore DDR because I'm kind of a showoff. It's always nice to have a group of people watching your feet in awe as you look like you're having a seizure while standing up. Anime. Because anime is the sex.Especially Samurai X. He is so pretty. i have a thing for anime characters.
[Additional Hobbies/Talents]: I'm abnormally talented at video games. It's kind of cool. And I own like whoa with computers. I can wiggle my ears. <33 I play the piano. I'm in Advanced Women's Chorus at my school.
[Favourite Food(s)]: French Fries dipped in Ice Cream. Cheese and Mayonnaise sandwiches.Ravioli.
[Some bands/artists you dig]: Funeral For A Friend. A Static Lullaby. Silverstein. Death Cab For Cutie. Coheed and Cambria. Planes Mistaken for Stars. Further Seems Forever. Poison the Well. Brand New. Hidden in Plain View. Every Time I die. Jack Off Jill. My Ruin.
[Anything odd about you?]: I can never keep a boyfriend for longer then a week. I always sporadically make gremlin noises.
[Done anything insane?]: Yes. I steal people's socks.
[Neat thing you've stolen]: I stole a hat once when I was twelve. And I stole a boy's ID card.
[How did you find us/Who told you?]: A promo in Rockrecord.
[We'd love some photos]:
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