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[We acknowledge you by screaming]:*screams a scream*...eva

[Tell us about yourself]: im no good at this shit, so please, save your giggles til the end
im eva. im 15 and a really short kid. children enjoy making fun of my tinyness. i like to talk about nonsence and just have fun. and its kinda weird, but im always happy. you could like kill my parents and cut off my left arm, and i still wont get mad. im a lazy child and i really dont care for school too much. im stuck in a catholic school, jesus hasnt really introduced himself to me yet, so its hell. being immature with lonna is the best part of my school day :)

Your obsession(s) and Why your obsessed]: i know nobody really likes them but im seriously obsessed with AFI. its crazy how much im obsessed with them. I just love the music they play and davey havoks vioce makes me melt. my likfe is almost dedicated to my obsession with afi. and, another obsession of mince is the number 69. i have no idea why ;), but being crazy about that number is my kinda like my trade mark i guess you can say. im also semi obsessed with dirty guys, like guys who dont take showers/ never get haircuts are amazingly beautiful.

[Additional Hobbies/Talents]: i play the violin heh, i like to sleep and play softball,dance in the rain, and go to shows with my concert buddy lonna.

[Favourite Food(s)]: icecream, cookies, french fries with tons of ketchup and shrimp

[Some bands/artists you dig]: a fire inside, streetlight manifesto, brand new, my chemical romance

[Anything odd about you?]: my initals spell the word egg :) and im deathly afraid of kittens and bunnies. lol, thats the best i can do, i dont really have any strange-ly odd characteristics

[Done anything insane?]: not really, i got suspended in the beginning of the school year for getting wasted in school, some people would consider that insanely stupid, so...its close.

[Neat thing you've stolen]: 6 cookies this monrning :)

[How did you find us/Who told you?]: alanna

[We'd love some photos]:

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