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imobbssed about this guy.lol
you see i love this guy but he doesnt love me back
i cant stop thinking about him
but this day brings memory,about someone else.
but about the guy im so hopeless without him
i want him
i cantstop thinking about his warmness
im helpless without him someone please help me

im so hopeless without him
sosomeone please help me
and this guy was someone that didnt want me smoking anymore
yes i was gonna quit and be with him
and i was there for him when his granpa dies and nowlook what i get in return
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If you really love him you should let him go. If you try to tie him to you neather of you is going to be happy. If your really meant to be togeather things will find a way to work out.
If I cared about someone Id rather them not with me and happy, then with me and unhappy.
When you help someone you should want to help them without expecting something in return.
If he wanted you to quit smoking, he MUST have cared about you a lot. Otherwise he wouldant have worryed about your health ad well being.
I hope your feeling better soon, and find someone who loves you the same way you love them. ^_^
Sorry if I wasant very helpful...
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We're choatic enough.
Are you?
hey. dont worry. Maybe the best way is to get it over and done with?
Maybe you should tell him, that way it'd be easier if he knows that you like him that he mite say he likes you. I think you should just tell him. It'll probs be easier and if he does like you well then there you go and if he doesnt than it mite be easier to get over him.
Im sorry if this doesnt help u or doesnt even make sense but there it is lol.