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Obsessed Me
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Fill out an application and tell us your life story. EVERY LITTLE DETAIL! (Okay maybe not EVERY detail...but you get the idea.)
[J][o][i][n] & [A][p][p][l][y][!!!!]

[We acknowledge you by screaming]:
[Tell us about yourself]:
[Your obsession(s) and Why your obsessed]:
[Additional Hobbies/Talents]:
[Favourite Food(s)]:
[Some bands/artists you dig]:
[Anything odd about you?]:
[Done anything insane?]:
[Neat thing you've stolen]:
[How did you find us/Who told you?]:
[We'd love some photos]: (If absolutely not available make us a picture/doll/sockpuppet - whatever!)

--Any large quantity of photos/text PLEASE be placed behind an lj-cut(if not we will remove a limb and beat you ferociously with it)--

Member Reccomendations/Priveleges

+Vote on all incoming applications (Be nice!)
+Post ANYTHING you want --> Websites/Art/Quizzes
+Promote other communities (in moderation)

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♥God Mod shortamiracle

Our word is law --> Please Abide!




Many thanks to vicedriven for the beautiful stamps.

<--You've Been Accepted-->