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[We acknowledge you by screaming]:BUTTMONKEY! (sean works too)
[Tell us about yourself]: i am 17 (April 8, 1987) i like to make art which includes many things and i am a guy if you haven't looked at the pictures below
[Your obsession(s) and Why your obsessed]: Nirvana because they rock(ed), Kurt CObain because he rocked, and i have this thing for my blanket
[Additional Hobbies/Talents]:bass guitar(learning), art
[Favourite Food(s)]:indian food mainly
[Some bands/artists you dig]:Nirvana(duh!), Bush, Dead Kennedys, Modest Mouse, Waxwing, Fugazi, Alice in Chains
[Anything odd about you?]: i am really antisocial so i probably won't talk to you if i see you in the hall
[Done anything insane?]:dyed my hair blue once
[Neat thing you've stolen]:sweet and low packets from a restaurant (i shoved them in my wallet and ran out and now it looks like i actually have some money)
[How did you find us/Who told you?]: LONNAAA
[We'd love some photos]:

my nirvana shirt

my backpack (see i told you i was obsessed with kurt and Nirvana!)

i scare myself
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